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Loyalty Scheme

Our new sticker book has arrived and its awesome.  Every time you eat in or take away get a sticker for the great dish you have, complete a menu section and get a free dish from that section. 

The Atomic Burger Sticker Book

Sticker Book

Loyalty cards are so over, what you need is you very own sticker book. Remember when a new sticker book was released, I never managed to complete one ever but the kids who did took on legendary status in the playground.  If you always wanted legendary status and love Atomic Burger then this is so for you.

The Atomic Burger Sticker Book is a cool way to collect stickers and get free food.  Every time you visit remember to ask for your dishes sticker, the more you collect the more you can get for free.

Each sticker is different (swaps with mates is allowed). 

Get your FREE Atomic Burger Sticker Book today and start your 2013 collection.