Atomic Burger Oxford & Bristol

Great burgers ain't rocket science


All our burgers are hand formed by us to our mad scientist secret recipe.  We don't go on about them but trust us, once tried em you are gonna struggle to ever eat anyone elses.  All burger choices on the menu are available as beef, chicken or veggie and come with a free side order of your choice. Why not go Atomic and get a double burger patty and three sides

Our beef and chicken burgers and buns are also available as gluten free, please call us to pre-order they go very quickly. Please note there is no additional charge for gluten free burgers


The perfect way to start your meal, share between buddies or be a greedy monster, sit in the corner and GROWL

Not Burgers

Not in the mood for a burger, well no problem. Check out these amazing imported German Franks.  Warning, they are big!


Choose beef, chicken breast or vegetarian. Served with lettuce and tomato. All burgers served with a free side order. You can also "Go Atomic" on all the burgers. Make it a double stack and have three side orders of your choice.

Gluten free burgers and buns available, FREE of any charge. Please book if required.

Our burgers are cooked medium, a little bit pink. If you want your cooked differently, please just ask

Extra Toppings

Boris Karloff toppings are here, also swapsies.  Take something off, swap with another or add toppings to your hearts content. Fancy a Daisy Duke with no bacon? Sure why not add onions or cream cheese.

Side Orders

All our burgers are served with a side of your choice,

You can upgrade to a Super Side for £1.95

"Go Atomic" and get a double stacked burger, 3 sides or 1 side and 1 super side .


Great Shakes

Shakes are what we do,

choose Thick shakes,

Premium shakes

or our naughty Shotgun shakes, double barrelled two shot shakes

Soft Drinks

Served in the bottle or can with a massive bendy straw.

Beer and Wine

Cocktails, beer, wine and adult floats, oh yeah!


The perfect way to end your meal is with one of our classic American desserts. Good to share if you're feeling a bit full.

Hot Stuff

Coffee and tea, what more do you need?