Fallout Challenge

We seriously discourage anyone from taking on this burger challenge.  Its huge, hot and really tough to complete.  The Fallout is a triple meal and costs £25 per challenge.  If you finish the challenge in under 45 minutes then you get a free, Survivor T-Shirt.  If you fail, you receive a free Victim T Shirt.

Rules of the Fallout Challenge 

You must
1. Sign a full disclaimer before attempting the challenge
2. Be in good health and not under the effects of alcohol or drugs
3. Be over 18 and of sound of mind
4. Eat in the restaurant for the challenge and not leave your table until you have finished (or give up)
5. Any remaining food cannot be taken from the restaurant
6. The fallout challenge is not available for take away

What is the Fallout Challenge Burger?

Triple 6oz beef, chicken or veggie burger
Triple American cheese
Triple Onion Ring
Triple Fallout Sauce (Seriously hot, we aren’t kidding)
Triple portion of Chilli fries
45 minutes to complete.

Seriously, don’t do it.  If you must then please try the fallout sauce as a side topping to see what your getting in to.

Fallout Challenge