Welcome to Atomic

Find Team Atomic And Win A Year Of Free Food At Atomic Burger And Diner!

What’s happened?

Team Atomic, the resident team of Superheroes from Atomic Burger and Atomic Diner, have gone missing!

And we need your help to find them.

Where are they?

That is the question!

They are hiding somewhere in Oxford – none of them is brave enough to venture outside the city on their own.

How do I find them?

There will be clues released on the Atomic Burger Social Media pages all this week (and maybe there are some already out there!) to help you work out where the heroes are hiding. These clues might be pictures, videos, items or puzzles. There are also extra clues available to those dining in the restaurants this week or ordering take away or Deliveroo from us.

What PRIZES and REWARDS are there for finding them?

There is a grand prize of A YEAR OF FREE ATOMIC for the first person to find all five heroes and post their pics on social media to prove it.

There are also special prizes for the first person to find each individual hero, including a Pizza Masterclass, a chance to Name and help develop a BURGER SPECIAL to be sold in the restaurant, a case of Craft Beer and a piece of original artwork of you as a superhero!

Everyone who finds a member of the team and posts a selfie of themselves with them on social media will receive a reward!

These rewards include Free Milkshakes, 2 for 1 Pizzas, Free Upgrades and Discounts, and you’ll get a different one for each Hero you find.

How long do I have to find them?

The heroes will be coming home at the end of the day on Sunday 14 October, so you need to find them before then!

Any Ts and Cs?