Oxford & Bristol

The team at Atomic Burger Limited are saddened to announce the permanent closure of Atomic Burger, Oxford, and Atomic Burger, Bristol.

Since we opened the doors of our first Atomic Burger site at 96 Cowley Road back in 2009, we have served countless burgers, milkshakes and sides of fries and hope that we have managed to bring back some of the joy and nostalgia of childhood – those times when summer lasted forever and burgers were as big as your head!

Atomic Burger has seen first dates, engagements, weddings, anniversaries, even a particularly memorable divorce party! We have been privileged to be the venue for so many of your celebrations, to share in your joy and be part of the memories that you have made. And from getting up at silly o clock on May Day Morning to serve more burgers at breakfast time to tables who only left a few hours ago, to dressing as superheroes for the Cowely Road Carnival, to watching brave souls take on (and occasionally defeat) the mighty Fallout Burger, our amazing customers have helped to make wonderful memories for us, too!

Atomic Burger has been lucky enough to have some of the most awesome staff over the last 14 years. And we are proud to still call so many of them friends. It has been a joy to see these amazing people grow and develop: many are now running their own businesses, pursuing their passions and making their mark all around the world (hey Australia! hey Finland! hey USA!). And while we would like to take credit for their success (as we do for the engagements, marriages and babies that happened within our teams – we love you!) we know that, really, they were all absolutely ace to begin with! Space cadets, we have loved being part of your journey. Live long and prosper!

It is no secret that times are tough for restaurants at the moment – and have been for some time. Food prices are high and availability is unpredictable. Rents and rates continue to soar even as customers have less money to spend. It is becoming more and more difficult to pay staff what they deserve and still keep the lights on and grills sizzling. Atomic Burger has always felt strongly that we didn’t want to compromise our offer – if we can’t sell the best damn burgers in the business, if we can’t look after our staff, if we can’t have a bright warm welcoming restaurant and still keep our prices reasonable for our customers, then we don’t want to do this. And unfortunately, that is the point that we have now reached.

We are so sorry to go. We have had the best time being part of the vibrant, welcoming communities of Cowley Road and Gloucester Road. We have loved sharing stories and memories and laughs and reflections with our team and customers over the years.

As a final note, we urge you to visit the places that you love. Make a conscious decision about which businesses you want to support, because they can’t survive without you. No business is breezing through this crisis.

To all our customers, suppliers, designers and team members – thank you. So long, and thanks for all the fish.